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Olivia’s House provides a holistic treatment program for substance abuse addicted women and their children. Kids, up to age 10, live with their mothers at Olivia’s House during their stay into our residential treatment, for a duration of up to twelve months.
Comprehensive case management links the needs of both women and kids with many community resources for additional services, including, education, job readiness training, income, and housing assistance, preventive and acute health care, and more. Aftercare and follow-up services are also an integral part of the treatment.

Facility Location: 8017 2nd Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama, 35206, USA

Phone Number: (205) 833-5708 x21

Website: www.adatc.org/services-provided-by-olivias-house

Primary Services: Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction Services Provided:
Anger Management
Brief Intervention
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Individual, Group and Family Counseling
Relapse Prevention
Substance Abuse Counseling
Trauma-Related Counseling
12-step Facilitation

Additional Services:
Screening & Testing (Drug, Alcohol and HIV)
Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment
Case Management
Housing Services
Discharge Planning
Self-Help Groups

Type of Treatment Center:
Long-Term Residential
Short-Term Residential

Special Programs and Groups:
Adult Women
Pregnant/Post Partum Women

Forms of Payment Accepted:
Federal or any government funding for substance abuse programs

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